HOW TO FIND OUT THE PRICE? In order to find out the price of the catalyst, press the "SEARCH BY NUMBER" or "CHOOSE A CATALYST" button. When choosing the "SEARCH BY NUMBER" option, specify the number of the catalyst stamped on the can. When selecting the "CHOOSE CATALYST" option, select the make of the machine and select your catalyst number.

HOW TO SELL? In order to sell a catalyst, you need to find your catalyst in the "SEARCH BY NUMBER" or "CHOOSE A CATALYST" category. After that, click the "NEW MAIL" button to get the shipping address. You can also come to our office in Lviv.

HOW IS THE PAYMENT MADE? Payment is made in cash at our office, by bank transfer or cash on delivery in the case of sending the goods by NEW MAIL.

To clarify the details, click "CONTACT US" and our manager will call you back.